Inzentiz develops software for disruptive medical initiatives.
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Cloud connectivity empowers patients, creates opportunities for big-data and AI driven solutions and enabled the health-care revolution.


Regulatory compliance for FDA and CE enables global adoption. Inzentiz has a focus on both medical and privacy regulations.


A state-of-the art approach to software development, incorporating dev-ops elements such as continues deployment, just-in-time specifications and real-time telemetry, combined with proven software development standards creates reliable software suitable for medical applications.

About us

Inzentiz is backed by experienced professionals in the field of medical devices and creates high-tech connected solutions provide answers for tomorrow’s questions. We have extensive experience with medical standards sich as ISO/IEC 60601, ISO/IEC 62304, ISO/IEC 13485. We have developed various medical solutions, among which class IIb medical devices, medical information systems and IoT solutions.